In most gardens, the main focus and source of colour is your lawn. A fresh lawn can breathe life into your garden and provide a focal point to base the rest of your space around. But which type of lawn is right for you? 

Artificial Turf 
Over the years, an artificial lawn has always been seen as something that can never live up to the real thing. However, recently the quality of lawn available has drastically improved. With such a variety of lengths, colours and textures on the market, you can create a garden with colour all year round and very little maintenance. 
Fresh grass 
Artificial turf is great, but for many, the smell of freshly cut grass and the feel under your foot is just too great a drawer. We source the freshest turf from the country's most reputable suppliers, so if real grass is your desired choice, we can work with you to install a lawn you can be proud of. 
Please get in touch and we can arrange a free, no obligation consultation. 
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